Russian (Wavy/Curly) Collection


Our Russian hair is brought to you from women that are a mix of European and Asian ancestry.  The mixture of these two origins gives the hair a thick, full and luxurious body.  This exotic combination causes the hair to be dense but more refined than Indian hair, with the thickness of Brazilian hair.  This Collection comes in a Medium Coarse Wavy and Curly pattern and holds its pattern even after being straightened or colored.  

Russian (Straight) Collection


Our Russian Straight Collection is brought to you from the women of South Russia. This type of Virgin Hair is the most exclusive, beautiful and rare type of hair.  The color range is limited, but South Russian hair is known for its amazing ability to handle bleach and dye.  You are able to lift this hair to the lightest blondes.  This hair will blend perfectly with African- American hair due to its varied textures (i.e., slightly coarse, very coarse).  The hair is soft to the touch and full of luster and vitality.  Once you try Russian Straight you will be astonished at how beautiful your hair looks.  You will never want anything else.  It is amongst the highest qualities of Virgin Hair and is proclaimed by many women better than Indian, Brazilian, or Chinese hair.

Cambodian Collection (Straight,Body Wave, Natural Deep Wave)

BESSHair Raw Cambodian hair is imported directly from Cambodia and is known to come in a variety of textures that can range from naturally silky straight or heavily textured loose wave to wavy/curly. Heavily textured hair works perfect for ethnic women's textured hair, while other textures hair works great for women with naturally smooth textured hair.

Cambodian hair is naturally dark in color shades (1b-natural black) This Hair is Beautiful in it’s natural state,curled or flat ironed.
If you’re looking for hair in a naturally lighter shade, try our Russian hair in our Russian Wavy/Curly Collection (formally Extreme Bliss) located on our website.


Steamed by BESS Collection (Kinky straight,Kinky curly,Deep Wave)

Steamed by BESS is the same Beautiful hair as in our Russian Straight collection brought to you from the women of South Russia, 

 *Chemical Free- High temperature steamed* 
"Steamed by BESS" will blend perfectly with ethnic hair due to its varied High Temperature Steamed textures (i.e., Kinky Straight,Kinky Curly,Deep Wave). This hair is also soft to the touch and full of luster and vitality.  Once you try "Steamed by BESS" you will be astonished at how Natural,Manageable and beautiful your hair will look and feel. You will never want anything else.  



BESSHair Keratin I-tip Collection 
*PRE-BONDED WITH KERATIN GLUE GRAINS* Extreme Bliss/Allure Straight Collections
I-tips are virgin hair extensions with patented keratin pre bonded onto the hair, it can be installed by fusion or micro link.This hair provides a natural look for individuals looking for blended volume, color and or length. It's also perfect for flat-iron styles but, easily converts back to its natural state when wet or shampooed. I-tips should only be installed by a Certified Cosmetologist.