What is Virgin Hair?
A: Virgin Hair is hair that has not been dyed, bleached, permed or straightened in any way.  BESSHair only sells 100% Virgin Hair. 

What is “Remy” Hair?

A: Remy or remi is not a brand name.  The term “remy” refers to the characteristics (cuticle and hair shaft) in the collection of the hair. Non-virgin remy has been chemically processed, typically for texture or color. 

The best type of remy hair is virgin, also called “cuticle” hair.  When hair is harvested from a donor, the cuticle remains intact.  The cuticle protects the hair from damage.

Virgin remy is not chemically processed for color or texture.  This means the hair has not  been permed, dyed, colored, bleached or chemically processed in any way.  Virgin remy is very soft and 100% natural. The color of virgin hair is called natural because it is not processed for color. The natural hair color for virgin Indian, Asian, Brazilian, Mongolian and Malaysian virgin hair ranges from very dark to medium brown in color.

The texture of virgin hair is generally straight, wavy or curly in texture.  However any hair that has been chemically processed for texture, for example yaki, body wave or curls is no longer virgin.  Sometimes, virgin hair texture may be altered to make curls and waves using a high pressure steam texturing and heat method.  The hair is still considered as virgin because no chemical processing is used.  If remy hair has been altered in color, it is chemically processed and no longer considered virgin.
Virgin remy hair last longer and is much less likely to tangle than non virgin remy hair. 
In a nutshell, all virgin hair is remy but not all remy hair is virgin.


What are cuticles and why is it so important for the hair to have its cuticles in tact?
A: Cuticles are the outer most part of the hair shaft.  They are strong and transparent cells that overlap each other up to 12 layers deep. These tiny microscopic structures protect the hair and its inner cell structures from damage.  The cuticle is responsible for much of the mechanical strength of the hair fiber.  A healthy cuticle is more than just a protective layer, as the cuticle also represents the structure that controls the water content of the fiber.  Much of the shine that makes healthy hair so attractive is due to the cuticle.  With these in tact, you can treat the hair like it's your very own.  It can be dyed and chemically processed.  We suggest having your hair professionally serviced to protect your investment.

What type of Virgin Hair does BESSHair carry?

A: We only carry the purest and most sought after European-Asian (wavy or curly) hair, which is our EXTREME BLISS Collection, and South Russian (soft straight and coarse straight) hair, which is our ALLURE Straight Collection.  

​How Much Hair Do I Need?
A: For a full install, the average person needs about 10oz (300g). 8oz is recommended for a partial install.
12''  to 14'' about 2 bundles is recommended
16''  to   22''  about 3 bundles is recommended
24'   to   30''  about 4 bundles is recommended

​How is the hair measured?
A:  All Curly/Wavy Hairs are measured stretched out.

 Straight Hairs are 1” to 2” longer than length stated. ex 18”= 19”-20”


​How long does it last?
A: This hair can last for a very long time (in most cases 2-4yrs) depending on how you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it, it will last longer. Many hair extensionist prefer Brazilian, Malaysian or Eurasian hair because it is beautiful and unprocessed which makes it last longer than any other kind of hair.

​Can they be straightened, curled ?
A: Yes, of course, treat the hair as if it is your own. It is very important that you use a quality heat protectant on your hair. Your hair is 100% Virgin hair so it can become heat damaged and dry out  just as your own hair would. Also, with curly/wavy hair you risk the chance that your curl pattern will not return after applying “excessive” heat to your hair. If you continually apply heat to your hair, you will begin to train your hair to be straight.  Our recommendation would be, if you want curly hair, then wear/purchase Virgin hair curly. If you prefer to wear your hair straight or wavy, then the wavy textures will be best for you since they offer the most versatility.

​Can I dye /color the hair? (see our products page for custom coloring service provided by BESSHair)
A: Yes. The hair can be colored. Virgin hair can be dyed and/or bleached, however you still have to be careful as you would with your real hair. Extra care will be needed because the hair is not attached to the scalp and does not retain its own moisture. You must be mindful to keep the hair hydrated and moisturized. Also, when you dye and/or bleach your virgin hair the hair is no longer virgin (it will then be 

chemically processed )

We highly recommend having your hairdresser dye the extensions as you will get the results you want, coloring them yourself always poses a high risk of not coming out the shade you want. If you can't get to a salon, always use a good quality hair dye and test a small sample first.





​What products should I use on the hair?
A: Installations

BessHair recommends seeking a professional for installation, .ie coloring etc.

Be sure to use the fold over method or seal wefts for installation. (When using wefted bundles)

Besshair (curly) works best when co washed/clarified weekly, 

air dried and product free.


A simple shine serum (chi,biosilk) is fine. Always use alcohol free products to prevent drying of your virgin hair.  No mousse or gels are needed we find that these products do not define the natural curl or wave.

Wash the hair with a sulfate free moisturizing shampoo at least once every two weeks. Wash your hair in a downward motion, working shampoo from the top down in one motion. When washing your hair, don't pile the hair on top of your head. This creates tangles. Instead gently shampoo the hair in one direction only. Do not use a volumizing shampoo. This will cause the hair to mat and tangle, instead using a moisturizing shampoo is recommended. If the hair feels dry or heavy with build-up, wash it with a clarifying shampoo.


Condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner. Always condition and rinse your hair with cold water after washing. It is recommended to detangle your hair while the conditioner is still in your hair extensions, then rinse. Do not apply conditioner directly to the weft area. Note you can cowash the hair as an alternative to shampooing it. The same steps need to be taken if you decide to cowash hair and it’s also recommended that hair is deep conditioned every two weeks. 



Satin Bonnets or Scarves are a great way to protect your extensions throughout the night.


​What is Co-Washing?
A: Co Washing is, Cleansing your hair with Moisturizing Conditioner without the use of shampoo. The conditioner is used in this wash to provide your hair with moisture and shine, and also help hydrate the hair. Most people will say the conditioner is the most important part of the washing process. This works great on Curly hair!

Returns Policy

BessHair provides high levels of customer satisfaction. We will maintain a very high level of quality control ensuring that our customers receive the finest quality of human hair extensions and lace systems. All our hair products are derived directly from its country of origin and are prepared by some of the most skilled wefters in the industry. 
As part of our quality assurance measures, every order is thoroughly inspected before shipping in order to maintain the premium standard requirements of our customers.

Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. Refunds are not allowed, however exchanges may be accepted subject to the terms and conditions below:

We will agree to exchange any purchased product for another product of an equal value or offer store credit if the product is returned within 3 days after the recorded receipt of the item.

We will not accept any returns or exchanges of any products where the seal holding the hair together has been untied or cut off due to sanitation requirements.

All shipping and handling costs and money transfer sending fee (usually $30 flat rate) will be at the customer's expense therefore we suggest sending through usps and getting a confirmation/tracking we are not responsible for lost packages.
We must receive the merchandise before an exchange can be made.

In the case of, lace frontals and lace closures, they will not be accepted for returns or exchanged once the order has been placed.
In a case where any of the conditions above are not met, we reserve the right to refuse an exchange.


1. Items must be in their original condition as stated above
2. Call to get a Bess Hair Code (617) 981-4376
3. Ship back for exchange within 3 days of receipt
4. Bess hair does not cover the cost of items exchanged.

​Do you have a Authorized Retailer or Partner Stylist Program?

A: Yes..We have a Partner Stylist and Authorized Retailer program for stylists and/or business owners.            
For further information, please contact us at besshair@gmail.com or call us at 617-981- 4376

​What are the shipping options and processing times?
A: Once you place your order with us you will receive an order confirmation. Please allow up to 1-2 business days for us to process your order.  All items will be shipped with in 5 days of order confirmation.